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This is my entry to this year’s Autumn Lisp Game Jam. The dialect of Lisp I chose to use for this entry was Fennel, a simple and elegant Lisp that I feel perfectly matches the simplicity and elegance of Lua. The theme was slime, so it’s a game about covering everything in sight with slime. As of right now, this has the distinct charm of a demo that was far too ambitious and rushed to be much more than a buggy proof of concept, but I do hope that enjoy it in some capacity.

You can move laterally with the left and right arrow keys, jump with the ‘z’ key, and spew balls of slime with the ‘x’ key.

Source repository is hosted on GitHub.

Install instructions

You will need the LÖVE2D engine. Once you’ve obtained that, you can run the following from the root directory:

love .


slime-the-world.tar.gz 692 kB
slime-the-world.zip 766 kB

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